Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Second Figure of Jesus

The chalice box will have a depiction of Jesus holding a chalice in one hand and a small loaf of bread in the other hand.  There are actually quite a number of ancient pieces of artwork of Jesus in this particular pose and I used a number of combined sources to come up with my own depiction.  Again, the relief is about 5/8″ deep which produces enough of a shadow effect to give you a sense of 3D but it’s not deeDSC_1029.jpgp enough to allow you to get the perfect perspective from all angles that you’d get out of looking at a true “in the round” carving.  So, it’s a bit of a trade-off.

I built up the clay model bit by bit and then, once it was dried somewhat, I used some sharp sculpting tools to shave away pieces until I was happy with the contours.  I still have quite a bit of work to do on the hands yet as I want a good clay model before I attempt them in wood.

This clay work is actually well timed as it’s easy on the wrists and arms and I’m just in the midst of recuperating from some bothersome tendonitis (tennis elbow ).  If you ever think about cutting up and ripping out all the carpets in your house on your own to prepare for hardwood floors…don’t.


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2 thoughts on “Second Figure of Jesus

  1. I like Jesus pose and expression, you have done well with it. I’m looking foreword to your posts as you carve this into wood.


  2. Thanks Wendy. The shallow relief is a bit interesting. Although it’s not “in the round” like one of our usual sculptures, you still need to be able to view it at different angles with it still looking proportioned. I think that the time spent on the clay mock-up will be well worth it. I hope that you’re working on an interesting project right now as well.


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