Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Today’s Progress

I’m still getting reacquainted with relief carving so it’s taking me a bit of time.  Actually, with practice, I know that I’ll be more willing to take big chunks away at a time…but, for now, I’m working pretty slowly and making sure that I don’t take too much away in the wrong spots!  As a result, I had to do Jesus’ face twice today as my first effort was nice but too pronounced for the rest of the figure’s body…so, I re-carved the entire face an 1/8″ lower!

But, it’s a rainy, grey winter day so my little Sheltie, Rosie, and I just sat downstairs for a few hours and carved away.  I carved and Rosie curled up on the floor amongst the wood chips which she later deposited around the house.

Here’s what things are looking like at this point.  Still a lot to do and a few things to correct, I think.



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