Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Friends in High Places

“Friends in High Places” just seemed to be a more fitting name for the carving.  I added a few dog toys for interest and then glued everything together.  I’m still thinking about adding one or two pigeons and a nameplate for sure.

I’m really happy with this carving.


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9 thoughts on “Friends in High Places

  1. John Eric Owens on said:

    Mark, I have loved watching the journey of you on this carving trip. This is a fantastic carving and has been fun to watch you put it together. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Terry Johnson on said:

    Mark, you have done a great job as usual. Love your carvings!


  3. This is a great piece of work/art. The detail is superb! Really like the creativity behind the whole piece.


  4. Joachim (Joe) Knauer on said:

    Great carvings and a fun project !


  5. Thank-you, Joe. I’ll have it at the Toronto Show for you to see.


  6. Hi Mark, thanks for sharing this blog post. Great photos and very unique carvings. I am thinking of DYI-ing and creating my own carvings. From this blog i will definitely be using your designs as inspiration!


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