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My Version of Michael

Here’s a sketch of what I’m planning for Michael based on a number of renditions of Michael found in oil paintings and stained glass windows.

Saint Michael, or Archangel Michael, is believed to be the head of all angels.  Although there are a number of references to Michael, he’s probably best known as the leader of God’s army against evil.  In the bible, Michael defeats Satan in heaven.  So…that’s why you are able to find so many versions of Michael with swords, shields and wearing armoured breast-plates.  He’s the protector.

My version, hopefully, is a bit gentler than some but I did include him holding his sword and wearing armour.


Similar to the other two figures, I’ve depicted Michael as a bust rather than a full figure.  Had I elected to carve a full figure, his features would have been too small and stick-like given the size of the carving, plus, I feel that the overall box will look better with four figures that are roughly the same size and in perspective with each other.

I’ll do this figure up in clay and make some modifications once I see it in 3D.  All feedback is appreciated!


Archangel Michael

My work on the clay models of Jesus and Mary with child are pretty much as far along as they are going to be prior to carving.  Although each of them could use some additional work, I think that they’ll give me all of the reference that I’ll need to carve the figures into the basswood box.  For now, I’ll store them with a damp paper towel over them and sealed in a large ziploc bag so that they don’t shrink and crack too much.


Now, on to Archangel Michael…which is a bit tougher religious figure to portray.  I searched around for a depiction of Michael, however, there aren’t many to choose from and most of them I really didn’t care for too much.

But, recently, you may have read in the news that an individual in Lisbon, Portugal, actually damaged an ancient statue of Michael in their Museum of Art.  Unbelievably, the individual was trying to take a “selfie” when he upset the statue and broke it.  Can you believe it?  Anyways, a photo of the statue ( prior to the damage ) showed up in a news article and I plan to take some features of that image for my rendition of Michael.

I’ll get started now on a pencil sketch of what I’d like to add to the chalice box.


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