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Lightly Toasted

I finished up the mattress, lamp and the toaster today although I still want to add electrical cords to the lamp and toaster later on once everything is in place.

I’m not sure if I mentioned earlier that I decided to change up the floor lamp and have it sticking through the rolled up mattress.  So I ended up drilling out within the fold of the mattress and cutting the lamp in about equal halves to insert into either end.

The lamp shade got a coat of automotive primer followed by several coats of acrylic “linen” with some dabs of yellow ochre to give it an aged and a bit stained look.  The lamp stand and legs were first covered with brown “asphaltum” and then dry brushed pretty liberally with a copper colour called “worn penny.”  I think that it duplicated that aged brass look that I was after pretty closely.

The toaster got covered with metal tape often used in HVAC ( furnaces and ducts ) work.  This is an adhesive backed tape that once on the wood can be smoothed out around gentle curves by rubbing on it with a smooth surface like the back of a spoon.  With a bit of grey-black on the parts that would have been the plastic of the time – bakelite- it turned out pretty well.



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