Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Cpl. Duncan Sowerby

We took a trip to visit family over the last few days and had a great visit with everyone.  During the car ride we came up with a name for the 1812 Infantryman caricature…Corporal Duncan Sowerby.

What do you think?…Sound right for the era?

Here’s a quick snapshot of the first pass at his hat.  Eventually, a feather plume, some knotted cord and a brass badge will decorate the front of the hat.

It’s interesting that the hat was termed a Shako.  Some quick surfing came up with the origin of the word being from Hungary and meaning a peaked cap.

In general, it’s interesting that the uniforms of the time were so colourful and ornate.  Similarly, the hats would be tall and equally ornate.  Neither reflected the sense of camouflage that we know of today.

For those interested in the construction, again, you’ll see that I made the hat in two parts.  The peak has the grain running horizontally in the photo so that it has greater strength and won’t break as easily as it would have had I run the grain vertically through the entire hat.

After roughing-in the hat and cutting off a bit of the top of the head level, it was just then a matter of dishing out the bottom of the brim to fit the head.  The dishing out gives the impression that the hat is pulled right over the head.



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2 thoughts on “Cpl. Duncan Sowerby

  1. Craig Pettis on said:

    I am very impressed with your carvings! What a talent you have!


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