Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

The Corporal Gets Some Colour

Cpl Sowerby got a bit of paint this weekend.  I didn’t want him to look too battle worn but not parade perfect, either.  As a result, he has a bit of colourful dirt on his slightly worn hat.


He’s also been out in the sun a bit too long and picked up a bit of a sunburn on his nose and the tops of his ears where his hat wasn’t giving him any protection.  Then again, I don’t imagine that sun damage was these soldiers’ biggest concern.

A bit of a five-o’clock shadow rounds out his not-so-parade-ready look.


I think the hat badge turned out pretty well.  That’s a base coat of gold with a bit of copper colour for highlighting.  I put a coat of urethane on the front of the hat to give it a more of a leather polished look.  The back of the hat was felt, so it won’t get the shiny treatment.


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