Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Niagara Falls Carving Show

Well, the Niagara Falls Woodcarvers Show was just terrific this past weekend.  Very well organized and attended with loads of friendly people to chat with and to share ideas.  This is an event that you will want to put in your calendar for next year at about this time.



I took along Chief Dan Turtle-Rock and my recently completed Cpl. Duncan Sowerby.

The Chief and I were very happy to see him awarded a First in Intermediates Caricatures.  In talking with one of the judges, they really liked his overall appearance ( that calm and proud demeanour ) and appreciated the little details like the beadwork on his costume and base.





Corporal Duncan Sowerby also received a ribbon for Third Place in Intermediates Caricatures.  Not bad for his first time out on the circuit.


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2 thoughts on “Niagara Falls Carving Show

  1. Well done on the awards. I have been following your blog for quite a while now and think it is about time I make a comment! I was following your daughters blog (one of my favourites) and she posted about one of your carvings which I thought was great. Although I don’t do wood work myself, I do have quite a fascination with it and therefor really enjoy watching your transformations.
    Well done again and I will continue to be amazed by the craftsmanship in your work.


    • Thanks. I’ve appreciated your “likes” over the last few months and have been often to your blog as well. You have some very nice creations that you’ve produced, as does Emily on her blog. Thanks for the nice comments.


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