Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Fergus the Basset Hound

Work has begun on Fergus, the Basset Hound modelled after my earlier carving of Hobo ( with Ned ).

I have the head roughed in with his big ears flowing in the wind.  Remember that the idea here is to have Fergus enjoying a stiff breeze off of the end of a pier.

The head is being carved separately from the body as I want the head turned a bit to the side rather than have the head and body in a single straight line.  I think that this will look a lot nicer once the little dog is standing on the pier.


And speaking of the pier…I have it underway as well.  If you refer back to my concept drawing, you’ll notice that I’ve oriented the pier slats differently.  Again, once I started roughing out the carving, the side to side slats just looked nicer to me and would give any viewer of the carving more to look at once the individual slats are detailed in with all of the irregularities of an aged pier.

I like those ropes around the pier supports.

Thanks for dropping by to see this project underway.



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