Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

George Proud Feather

George Proud Feather is starting to take shape.  The torso of the bust will be deerskin with bead work and you can see the start of the beadwork on the front of the jacket, here.

I also added in the bear collar, a neckerchief and a medallion that will have three feathers draped from it.

Not sure what emblem will be on the medallion…I’ll have to think about that.  Right now I can picture a native Canadian emblem of some fashion.


Below, is the start to the head.  The plan is to have braided hair wrapped in deerskin decorated with more beadwork.  I’m looking forward to that carving.



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2 thoughts on “George Proud Feather

  1. I’m watching this with interest to see what you come up with! Looks good so far!


  2. Thanks Lynn. Your carvings always inspire me to take on something different. Your bust with the bearskin collar and claws really caught my eye. I’m going to try for a lot of beadwork on this project…it’s fun and brings a lot of colour into the piece. Haven’t thought the look out completely just yet but am building as I go. Any thoughts…please pass them along. Thanks, Mark.


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