Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A Couple of New Projects

I started a new project just a little while ago…a bust.  I tried to complete a bust some time ago when I began my 1812 figure of “Corporal Duncan Sowerby”, but got so carried away with the carving that I ended up carving a complete caricature.

This time, I’m going to stick with the bust and have cut out the beginnings of what will become “George Proud Feather”.  I liked the bear collar that Lynne Doughty used on a recent bust and would like to combine that with a photo that I recently saw on the web of a Cheyenne tribesman.  I’m picturing something that will include a deerskin jacket with lots of bead-work.


My second project is as a result of a few e-mail conversations with a new friend who would like to see a caricature likeness of her favourite buddy, Fergus.  Having seen my caricature of Hobo, she sent me a few photos of Fergus along with a personality description that I’d like to think would be a good description of the life in my little carving!  Fergus likes the water and wind, so we’re starting into creating something along the lines of the sketch below.


I’ve begun the pier supports and the rope and I’ll include an update on both of these carvings later again this week.

Enjoy the development of these two projects…and if you have ideas that will improve either, please weigh in.

Thanks, Mark.


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