Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

The Completed “Fergus”

Here is the completed Fergus in all of his glory looking over the waterfront and into a brisk breeze.  I really like the way that he turned out and especially like the dock and piers…I can almost hear the old wood dock creaking.


I think that I mentioned earlier that a new acquaintance had asked for this rendition of “Fergus”.  My next step is to build a small shipping box that will ensure that Fergus arrives safely at his new home should Fergus’ Mom like the design.  I’ll get that done this weekend and will be able to get a sense of shipping charges.  Actually, there’s a Carving Show in Belleville next weekend and, if I drag my feet a bit, perhaps Fergus can compete for a ribbon there.


I’ve loaded additional photos of Fergus on the Flickr site, which you can link to at the side-bar of this page.

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One thought on “The Completed “Fergus”

  1. Happiness in motion my friend! Happiness….makes me smile…..


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