Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Toby on the Dock

Here are a few shots of Toby’s progress.  Still a bit more work to do on the face but I like the way he’s shaping up.  The carving isn’t intended to be a perfect likeness of a Lab but I think that I’m getting that innocent Lab look on his face.  I do have several photos of the “real” Toby and am using those for a reference.


I’m also enjoying carving another dock scene.  I was toying with adding a rope coil on this scene as well but I think I’m going to try something a bit different to balance out the piece.  Right now, I’m thinking about a couple of canoe paddles laying on the dock at the ready for Toby’s next big adventure.


A few more hours of detail and I’ll be ready to start painting…which will be interesting and fun.  Toby is a chocolate Lab with several tones of brown in his coat.  The dock itself will be light coloured and weathered to contrast with the Lab’s colour.







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