Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Lola’s Boardwalk

I’ve changed up my idea for the base a bit.  Originally, I thought of Lola standing on a patch of earth/gravel with the fencepost and rails in behind her.  A sign on the fence-post will signal that there is no fishing allowed in the area.

The more thought that I gave it, the more a leaned again toward the figure standing on a wooden surface.  For Lola, in particular, I think that she’ll need some light colours in the background to show off her features, as her coat is quite dark.

Rather than have a second dock with piers ( Lola will be displayed beside Fergus on his dock ), I decided on a boardwalk scene.  I think that it’s turning out pretty nice.  The boardwalk will still have the “no fishing” sign above on the rails, and, as you can see, a broken lower rail that allows adventurous dogs like Lola in to play.

The fish ( who is yet to be named ) seems pretty happy about the way this carving is turning out.



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