Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Pieces Coming Together…

I painted the backdrop with acrylics over the last few evenings and I’m pretty pleased with the way that the pieces are coming together.  I always put a coat of urethane over the acrylics and you’ll see how the colours pop out of the backdrop pieces when I do that bit of painting.

Note in particular, on the advice of a dear friend ( you really shouldn’t publish people’s names on the Internet, Jan, so I won’t ), that the chipmunk got a bit of a make-over to make him kinder and more gentle…but still full of mischief.

I also put clear epoxy over the eyes and you can see a bit of that glint-in-the-eye in this photo.



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5 thoughts on “Pieces Coming Together…

  1. Your carving is wonderful. Lola’s eyes look so real.
    I like that chipmunk what a fun character it is.


  2. Cheryl Caro on said:

    I like the chipmunk there better than on top railing. Now he looks really mischievous as if he chewd that second railing. 🙂 the entire piece looks fantastic!


  3. Thanks, EC, for following Lola’s progress. I’m also happy with the eyes…they sort of follow you around when you’re looking at the carving. The chipmunk is hilarious.


  4. Cheryl, the chipmunk seemed to fit better on the lower rail to me as well. I have a friend who was quite disturbed by the original look on the chipmunks face…ha!…so I had to do some extra work to “friendly” him up a bit.


  5. Cheryl on said:

    Hmmm… I had to go back to the original chipmunk to see the difference. Lol I liked the big nose on the first chipmunk 🙂 I guess everybody has different taste. But I like the tooth you added 🙂 either one looks cute


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