Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Lola and her friends say “Happy Father’s Day”

Well, I awoke to a big breakfast this morning and a nice Father’s Day card from Paul…and shy of taking a few pictures of the completed Lola, that’s been the extent of my work today.  It’s been tough.  My next big effort will be sitting down to a barbecue dinner…hopefully, I’ll have the energy…maybe I’ll get in a quick nap before that!

I was very lucky to have a great Dad who I miss a lot.   He would have really enjoyed my latest carvings and all of the nice people I’ve met through that activity.

Lola is looking great.  I just need to do a bit more gluing and sign the bottom of the carving and Lola will be ready for her new owner to enjoy.  Enjoy the photos and leave a comment if you have a minute.











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