Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

The Dock Underway

I spent some time working on the dock yesterday and am happy with the way that it’s turning out.  I enjoy making these little docks look old and well used with their split planks and cupped and warped lumber.  This one has a little single step on the back similar to some other docks that I’ve carved, but, in this case, a couple of cypress knees will be carved up to the step…which will be an interesting addition.

The next step will be to add a couple of piers at each side of the dock…one of which will be the perch for the little squirrel that will be added.




Late breaking news…I couldn’t wait to do the piers so carved them up this afternoon…




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4 thoughts on “The Dock Underway

  1. Shaping up nicely! And I don’t know what blind fool told you that it looked like the howler was licking the air! I can definitely see her howling! I practically hear the soft howl. 🙂 looking really good! You do fantastic work.


  2. Although, I’ve been thinking of adding a tongue as an accessory item! Thanks for checking in. Mark.


  3. Yolanda Dillon Lyons on said:

    You have captured that hard-to-explain essence of a Basset hound! This is simply perfect – there is no other word for it. I could look at it all day and never get over that feeling of just having to smile.


  4. Thanks Yolanda. I sort of fell into carving these little Basset Hounds after adding one to a caricature carving ( Hobo and Ned ) that I made last year. I’m glad that I did as am having a lot of fun carving these little guys…and, I also smile a lot while creating them! I hope you check back to see them progressing. Mark.


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