Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Banjo Playing Paws

These front paws will eventually be shaped around a nice little banjo for a tune or two.  In the photo, I’m just holding them in place with my fingers but I’ll be adding some small diameter dowels shortly to hold the front legs in place while I shape in the detail.  When I’m finished with all of the shaping, they’ll be epoxied in place for good.

I’ve also added a bit more shape to this little hounds neck and he’ll develop some jowls before the weekend is over.

But…it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I’m afraid that I’m going to have to turn my attention to eating too much turkey and dressing in a short while.  Just so many things to do…

Happy Thanksgiving to those Canadians celebrating this weekend.



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4 thoughts on “Banjo Playing Paws

  1. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Shaping up! I can picture him singing. I never realized that y’all celebrate Thanksgiving so early. Happy Thanksgiving! Down in Louisiana that means a big bowl of gumbo file before the turkey and dressing is served. So by the time we finish eating we are rolling out the door! Lol


  2. No gumbo up here, Cheryl, but the rolling part sounds pretty universal!


  3. Looking great Mark,happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Thanks Lynne. There’s nothing like that turkey dinner with dressing and all of the other goodies. The little Country Hound is coming right along and I’ve made a bit more progress since this past post. I think I’ll have to rough in the banjo soon so that I can get a sense of where the arms and that one additional leg need to lay. Mark.


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