Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Ottawa and Progress on the Country Hound

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be heading out to Ottawa to drop off my carvings for the “Poetry in Wood” Carving Show and Competition.  I’ll bring along the same carvings that I had entered in the Pickering Show of a couple of weeks ago: Hobo and Ned; and, the Three Louisiana Hounds.  I’m sure that they’ll be enjoyed in Ottawa because it’s a great group of people who meet there for the show.

My location in Kingston and my links to Southern Ontario are quite nice from a carving standpoint…the Pickering Show which is a couple of hours away brings in carvers from central Ontario around the Toronto area; the Ottawa Show which is a couple of hours in the opposite direction brings in carvers from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec; the Hamilton Show at the beginning of next year brings in Central and Western Ontario and is located almost in the backyard of my daughter’s home in Ancaster; and, the Niagara Competition brings in carvers from Southern Ontario and is a stone’s throw from my Mom’s home.  So, I pretty conveniently take in the major competitions around the province.  There is one other great competition that I know of in Kitchener which is in Western Ontario…hmm…I do have an Aunt who lives in those parts…just thinking.

Here’s a quick couple of photos of the Country Hound.  Not much changed since my last update although I’ve detailed the rocking chair a bit more, added in some cross braces on the legs and did some wood burning on the upper-most head piece.  He’s coming along.




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2 thoughts on “Ottawa and Progress on the Country Hound

  1. Have a good time at the competition and good luck,I hope you win some more ribbons for your fabulous work….the little country hound looks great and these little details make a difference already.


  2. Thanks Lynn. I’m looking forward to the show and hoping for a ribbon!


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