Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

It’s All in the Details…

I had a chance to start a bit of detailing on the little hound yesterday.

I removed the ears to detail in the face.  Remember, that I only used a glue gun to lightly tack the ears in place for some initial roughing in.  I removed them again to add some wrinkles to the face and to carve the eyes and eyelids.  I’ll do some additional facial detailing then re-attach the ears permanently to carve in some detail lines and folds to them.


I also included a few more wrinkles and folds in the legs of the hound’s overalls.  On this particular leg, a patch has also been added just for some additional interest.  It’ll look really good and stand out nicely once I paint it to contrast with the colour of the overalls.  I originally had the idea of a chest pocket…but, as it turns out the banjo is going to completely cover it anyway.  We’ll know it’s there though.


The other leg also got a few wrinkles and folds.  You’ll notice that it also has a very deep and open pocket…which will contain a handkerchief very shortly…draped out of his pocket and hanging below the rocking chair seat cushion.  A wise country hound always carries a handkerchief.  Everyone knows that.




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One thought on “It’s All in the Details…

  1. it looks amazing Mark,it really makes a difference with these little details added and you are right,a wise country hound does need a hankercheif 🙂


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