Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Some Painting for the Country Pup

Here’s a quick first peak at the little pup with much of the painting completed.  This weekend, I’ll apply some satin clear urethane to seal and brighten the colours and that should be about it on the figure before I start into the base on which the rocking chair will sit.  I have some ideas for that but I’m sure they’ll change as I get started and add more to the scene.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to…

The hound got a base coat of ivory lightened with a bit of white.  Then, in many individual washes ( very diluted paint ) of alternating milk chocolate and asphaltum browns, he got his colouring and little “spots”.  Then, the figure received a very dilute wash of asphaltum brown over everything to bring out all of the little contours in the carving.  Finally, I applied some yellow ochre and raw sienna in little smudges just to show that his paws, in particular, are a bit dirty here and there.  After all, he is a Country Hound and should have spent at least a little bit of time close to the earth!

The overalls were  painted in several washes of midnight blue.  I darkened up the recesses and wrinkles with extra washes of the same colour, and then added some whitened blue to show where the high points were and where those denims may have been worn away a bit.  I also added a nice green and yellow plaid patch to the knee patch that I had carved earlier.  After a few hints of yellow ochre and raw sienna “dirt”, a dry brush of slightly darkened ivory was used to give the overalls that dusty and worn look that I like on the clothing that I carve.

For those interested in seeing these methods used in outstanding fashion, be sure to watch one of Lynn Doughty’s videos which you can link to off to the side of this page.

Well, that’s about it for now…hope you enjoy the progress so far and are having fun with your Christmas and Holiday preparations.




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3 thoughts on “Some Painting for the Country Pup

  1. Oh my goodness this little hound looks adorable,all these little touches make him come to life and the colours are beautiful 🙂


  2. Cheryl Caro on said:

    I agree with Lynne. Just adorable! I love the way you paint them. I love the detail you add to your pieces. Terrific! I still can’t help think the curved tail sticking through the back of the chair wouldn’t look better. It would break the tight little composition you have and make the viewer want to look at the back of the hound as well. The tail pointing upward would carry the viewers eye up and around the entire piece.


  3. Thanks Lynne and Cheryl. He’s looking pretty good but I still have a few touch-ups that I want to add. I just didn’t like the way that the tail looked previously so I tucked it in behind with just a glimpse of it at the front. Lots yet to do with the little additions and the base. Mark.


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