Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Some Rug Braiding

I’ve done some rug braiding tonight and the rug is now ready for paint!

The planked floor and the shaped base beneath it also got some stain and urethane earlier this week, so the base is coming to completion.  I’ve typically painted the wood grain lines on the plank floor with acrylic paints, however, in this case, the planks are running parallel to the grain in the oak base and, given that the grain is very fine, an oak finish looked just right to make a true-to-scale rendition of a floor.



After doing some sanding, the edge of the base got a darker stain than the planked floor just to make the perimeter stand out.  I also included some small nails at a few of the plank joints in the floor just to add some more interest.

My next step will be to use some acrylic paints to provide a multi-colour rug pattern within the “braided” lines that I’ve already burned in with a wood burner.  I’m planning to use diluted “washes” of a number of colours so that the rug ends up not looking too bright…I’d prefer something that looks well used.


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3 thoughts on “Some Rug Braiding

  1. The floor and little braided rug looks fantastic,I love the little touches you have made,it’s going to be stunning 🙂


  2. I’m just in the process of painting the rug right now, Lynne, and it’s looking nice.


  3. I bet it does,I cannot wait to see it and you have done marvellous work on this little hound x


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