Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Hamilton Canadian Carving Show 2015

I’m just back from the Hamilton Carving Show with some good news!  The little Country Hound placed 1st in Open Caricatures, 2nd in Open Class and 3rd Best of Show.  Not bad for a banjo-playing-hound!



I met Emily for the day on Saturday and we had another great time together…taking in the carving and wood show, touring through the aircraft museum there and seeing all of the air-worthy restored aircraft and finishing off the day at our favourite Indian restaurant.  What a great daughter.



Many, many fine carvings at the show and it was nice to chat with the other carvers that I’ve met over the last few years.  Dave Wilson had an outstanding caricature carving in Open Class.  This was a caricature of a real-life performer and Dave even managed to get the actual performer to sign his piece.  Very nice and an interesting story behind the carving.


John Mills had a nice relief carving that really caught my eye.  You’d think that this was cut separately and laid on the background, but, in fact, this was all carved from one solid piece of wood.


George Cook also showed off a really nice Cardinal that he did for the show.  The branch and leaves were copper wire, automotive body filler and copper shim-stock.  It looked to me that as much attention went into the branch and leaves as did the songbird.  Once again, real nice.


Some really interesting carvings and I wish that I had caught all of the names associated with the carvings.  I want to also mention that a real highlight of this particular show is the time that the judges spend chatting with you individually and then later in seminar style to provide feedback on each of the carvings.  I got a chance to spend some time with Neil Cox, Mike Shepherd and George Cook in this regard.  A great opportunity to learn.  Well done to the organizers of this event!


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9 thoughts on “Hamilton Canadian Carving Show 2015

  1. Lynne on said:

    Many congratulations on your win,very well deserved,that little hound sure is a work of art… looks like it was a very good turnout for the show and does look like a lot of fun and interesting not to mention there are some very lovely sculptures too 🙂 glad you and Emily had a good time.

  2. Thanks Lynne. The turn-out was in the neighbourhood of eight thousand people. Emily and I had a great time and it was nice to see the Country Hound on display.

  3. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Congratulations on the win! It truly is a lovely piece. All the intricate detailing was fantastic. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the show. I really enjoy looking at all the entries. Very talented group of people you hang out with. 😊
    I’m glad you had a great visit with your daughter. It’s always nice just hanging out for the day. Again. Congratulations! 👍

  4. Rick Leblanc on said:

    mark congrats didnt make it this year I had 2 pieces ready but worked all weekend
    hows the hockey player coming wish I could of seen banjo up close great piece

  5. Hi Dad, You got some great pictures of all of the carvings we saw! I keep thinking about that fantastic wood-burned tractor… I think I’ll pull out some pens over the break and practice some ink drawings. I had a great time last week, too!

  6. Emily, that was a banner day. I’ll have that wood burning tool all set up for you during March Break and you can try your hand at wood burning. I think you can skip the ink drawings. Dad.

  7. Good to hear from you, Rick. Yes, I expected to see your carvings at the show…it’s too bad that you weren’t able to make it this year. I hope we’ll get a chance to talk at the Niagara show. That hockey player is a new thing for me with working on the clay model…we’ll have to see just how successful that turns out.

  8. Thanks Cheryl, it’s also good to hear from you again. I’ve been watching your artwork with interest…you can certainly turn out prize drawings in record time! I’ve told you before that it’s time to start carving.

  9. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Thank you Mark. I thought about you this past weekend. I started my first class at the university on wheel throwing clay pots. When I was there I saw some carvings that were done in a carving class that they offer. I might just have to look into that!

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