Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Some Detail for the Cowboy Hound

I spent a bit of time on the Cowboy Hound tonight and was able to provide a bit more detail around his legs and body.

I slimmed down the legs quite a bit with some wrinkles here and there where his knee would bend.  I also added a bit of detail to his neckerchief although I want to slim it down a bit more before I’m finished.  His gun belt overlaps his belt for his pants and you can see a bit of this on the back of the carving.  I also removed quite a bit of bulk from his upper back so that his elbows appear to stretch back further.  This will be important when I make the upper rail of the fence that he’ll be leaning against.

Speaking of the arms, I just have the one arm with any amount of detail at this point.  Right now they are only attached by a dowel and some glue from a glue gun.  I’ll detail both in a bit more and then permanently glue them in place for some final fitting and detailing.

When I was in Hamilton at the carving show, I took a close look at some of the scenes that people had constructed from copper shim stock ( very thin copper sheets ) to make blades of grass and leaves as part of the bases on which their carvings sat.  I think I’ll try this with this little Hound and have some blades of grass shooting up beside the fence posts.

He’s coming along.



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6 thoughts on “Some Detail for the Cowboy Hound

  1. Lynne on said:

    The cowboy hound looks really great Mark,again all the little details stand out 🙂 and he really is coming along.


  2. He’s moving along now that I’ve got it roughed in to the general shape that I want. I was a bit picky about making sure that he’s leaning back a bit, but not too much, to give him a laid back but attentive look. These wranglers always have to keep one eye out for mischief and their good hand near their six shooter!


  3. Lynne on said:

    Hahaha behind that laid back lazy,tired expression lies an alertness that’s unexpected 🙂


  4. Cheryl Caro on said:

    He is looking really good. Love the tiny details. Your work still amazes me. I can’t wait to see the copper work. That should be really interesting. Creativity must run in your family. I couldn’t resist checking out your daughter’s site. Very talented young lady. My mom use to crochet and I remember watching my grand mother knit. Always interested me.


  5. Cheryl, what you don’t get from her website ( where she’s designed the crochet patterns…including a Saturn V rocket and the space shuttle ) is that she’s an engineering physicist with a master’s degree in astrophysics and a teaching degree! What a gal. Takes after her mother, I guess.


  6. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Wow she is very gifted and Very smart! I can see why you are a proud dad! My dad worked for NASA and he would bring me each space shuttle emblem. I still have them and a few coins that were made from the space shuttles metal. He was a quality control manager for them.


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