Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Two Ears and a Relaxed Pose

Both ears are now carved and tacked in place with a dab of glue along with his six-shooter.  Some minor detailing yet to do and some final gluing before I can start painting.

The second ear was done in the same way as the first…a blank cut out on the bandsaw, some initial rough fitting with the Typhoon bit and Foredom tool, and then some slow fitting using pencil lead and carving knives / chisels.  After taking a good look at the final pose, I shortened up both ears just slightly to cover the arms but not drape too much beyond the arms.  That was Peggy’s suggestion and, I think, a good one.  I like the way he’s looking.


I’ll get started on the post and rail fence that Buford will be leaning up against and fit all of that together just to make sure that everything is landing in the right place before I start painting.  More to come!


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5 thoughts on “Two Ears and a Relaxed Pose

  1. Buford is looking really really good Mark,he looks different again with his ears and little six shooter,the detailing is amazing as always,he is one really cute cowboy 🙂


  2. Cheryl on said:

    So cute!


  3. Thanks Lynne and Cheryl. I’m enjoying this carving. It’s going to take on quite a character once it’s painted…a bit of a Jack Palance with ears. I’ve been working on the railing a bit and it’s looking good as well. Mark.


  4. Cheryl on said:

    You know!! Now that you mentioned it I can definitely see the resemblance to Jack Palance! 😀


  5. Haha! I wonder if Buford will do one armed push-ups?


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