Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Tree Top Cabin

I carved a bit more of the cabin this afternoon…on the patio…in the sunshine!  Nice and relaxing.

You can see an additional window, some stone block-work and a bit of a terrace with two tree trunks holding up the shingled roof above.  As I’m carving, I’m getting ideas for how to carve the large tree trunk that the cabin is perched upon.  I can picture some ladders and various entrances and exits that wind their way up the tree and into the cabin.  Should be fun.

Again, if you’re interested in carving bark you’ll enjoy the fun of just carving whatever comes into your head.  The bark can be rather fragile, so you’ll just want to ensure that you use a sharp knife and chisels and that as many of the cuts as possible be of a slicing nature rather than a pushed blade that could break off a piece of the bark.  No matter how careful you are, you will break off some small pieces of bark and you can either modify your carving and carve around the break, or use a bit of white glue to place the bark back into position.  I usually just modify what I had in mind for that particular piece that broke off.


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2 thoughts on “Tree Top Cabin

  1. Lynne on said:

    Wow that is so impressive,there is so much intricate details in your carving, but it looks very delicate too,it’s stunning.


  2. It’s a lot of fun to carve, Lynne. It is a bit delicate but it seems to me that the pieces that might break away do so while you’re carving. So what’s left when you are finished is quite strong actually.


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