Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Nearing Completion

I spent a few more hours on the cabin yesterday and probably won’t get at it too much today with some running around we need to do on a typical Saturday.  Beautiful day in Kingston today.

I carved some additional branches and another entranceway with stairs.  I added some roots wrapped around some loose boulders and rocks in the soil and I gave some of the bark of the tree texture with a small gouge chisel.  I’m looking forward to hollowing out in behind the windows to give it some additional depth.

A pretty quick carve and very enjoyable.  If you haven’t tried bark carving, give it a try.  I still like Peggy’s comment that it’s like doodling on a piece of paper with no firm plan in mind…if the bark looks like a particular item ( a branch, rock, window ), then that’s what you go with.



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One thought on “Nearing Completion

  1. Lynne on said:

    The cabin looks amazing Mark,the details you have added bring the piece to life,I love the waterfall too,can’t wait to see it finished.


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