Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Hollowing Out Windows

Time to create a hollow in behind each of the windows and open doors.  I use a Typhoon bit ( carbide Foredom bit ) to quickly hollow out the bark from the back of the carving.

I start by using either a slim ( drill bit-like ) Foredom tool or a drill to bore a hole in the centre of the window panes.  This initial boring gives you a depth to shoot for when you begin hollowing out from the other side of the bark…ie. when the hollowing is deep enough, you begin to see the holes which you drilled from the other side.  This, of course, is a helpful clue to make sure that I don’t hollow out too deeply and inadvertently remove the entire window.

After that initial hollowing, I use a knife to clean up the window panes.  If you try this, just be sure to leave enough wood depth on the window structure to give it strength.  I usually shoot for about 3/16″.

It’s coming along.


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2 thoughts on “Hollowing Out Windows

  1. Lynne on said:

    The cabin looks fantastic,the hollowed out window gives it a really different look again,it really is a beautifully made piece.


  2. Thanks Lynne. It’s moving along pretty quickly. I’m almost going to be disappointed when it’s finished.


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