Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Painting the Hounds

I’ve started painting the hounds, beginning with their helmets and goggles and then moving on to the faces and ears.

Everything other than the driver’s collar is a combination of browns and yellow.  The helmets got a base coat of asphaltum with highlights of chocolate, burnt umber and yellow ochre.  The goggles got pretty much the same treatment but with a base of chocolate.  Once they were done, both got a dry brushing of linen and then later chocolate to highlight the high spots.   I think that it turned out pretty well and the leather looks well worn.

The base coat on both dogs is linen lightened with white.  Over that base coat, the darker sections are chocolate washes alternated with a very dilute yellow ochre wash.  Around the noses I “dabbed” these washes to give them a bit of a mottled effect.

There’s still lots of painting to do but I’ve got a start on it.  The painting has actually been a nice diversion from yardwork ( but I’m not complaining about the nice weather).



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2 thoughts on “Painting the Hounds

  1. Lynne on said:

    Looking good,love their colouring,still chuckling about the goggles and helmet 🙂


  2. I’m getting a kick out of them too, Lynne. While I’m doing this one, I can’t help to think of doing two hounds on a motorcycle and side-car!


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