Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Six Bassets and a Sheltie

Rosie and I have been in the shop this week.  In October, I’ll be leading a Learning by Doing session at the Magic in Wood Competition and Show in Pickering.  I’ll be helping people create the little Basset-in-a-gift-bag that you saw in an earlier post.  I’m not sure how many people ( if any ) will sign up for the session at this point, but I now have five versions of the little guy cut out on the bandsaw.  I’m planning to rough them out a bit with a Foredom tool just so that people have a head start on the carving.  I only have two or three hours with the group so I think the rough out will be appreciated.


I haven’t been too active lately with my carving, other than this preparation work.  I’m hoping that the fall period will open up some more time for carving.  I definitely have lots of ideas and plans…


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