Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

“Learn by Doing” Bassets

A couple of the participants in the “Learn by Doing” session where we created a Basset Hound at the Magic in Wood Show have sent in a photo of their versions of this little guy.

Wes is still pondering on the final finish and whether he’ll add some more decorative painting to the bag before he applies a clear coat.  I like his version with the bulbous nose.


Wendy sent in her completed Basset where she dry-brushed the bag to pick up the high points.  I think that looks really nice.  Wendy’s been busy and she also sent me in another project that she just completed…and just in time for the Ontario weather to change.




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2 thoughts on ““Learn by Doing” Bassets

  1. Wes and Wendy’s Bassets look great,I also like the bulbous nose too,really comical😃


  2. There are a few more underway out there and I’m looking forward to the others sending me a photo of their finished Basset. Who knows, this might be the start of a wave of Basset carvers!


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