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“Learn by Doing” Bassets

A couple of the participants in the “Learn by Doing” session where we created a Basset Hound at the Magic in Wood Show have sent in a photo of their versions of this little guy.

Wes is still pondering on the final finish and whether he’ll add some more decorative painting to the bag before he applies a clear coat.  I like his version with the bulbous nose.


Wendy sent in her completed Basset where she dry-brushed the bag to pick up the high points.  I think that looks really nice.  Wendy’s been busy and she also sent me in another project that she just completed…and just in time for the Ontario weather to change.




Learn by Doing

The “Learn by Doing” crowd at the recent Magic in Wood Show asked me if I would provide them with a few close-ups of the little hound-in-the-gift-bag carving that they started at the show.  Here are a few additional photos, below, for this group and any others that might want to try this project.  Of course, you can look back in these posts to find a few more photos of the little dog.

Click on the image to make it bigger…

Magic in Wood Show

This past weekend, we all enjoyed the Magic in Wood competition and show in Pickering, Ontario.  We battled Toronto traffic to drop Paul off at Emily’s house for a couple of day’s visit and then Peggy and I returned to Pickering for the two day show.  I set up a few of my carvings along with some information on the Ontario Woodcarvers Association website (, Peggy volunteered in the kitchen and Emily and Paul visited on the Sunday of the show before we headed back to Kingston.

This was the show that I had the chance to lead a small group in the carving of the little Basset-in-a-Bag idea that you saw earlier.  I think that it went pretty well and I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of the finished carvings from the participants.  Next year, I think I’ll prepare just a single aspect of caricature carving as the two hour period we were given wasn’t nearly enough to finish even the roughed-out version that I  had provided.  Plus, the number of rough-outs that I could complete limited the class size and I know that there were several others that would have joined the class had I enough rough-outs.

Here are a few photos of some of the carvings that were displayed at the show.  Just click on the photo to make it bigger.  If you can make it to this show next year, you won’t be disappointed.

A Great Show in Pickering

Another terrific show put on by the Ontario Woodcarvers and the Pickering Carving Club.  Once again, just beautiful carvings in all classes and lots of people around for chatting.  Here are just a few carvings that caught my eye.

I was very pleased to bring home two 2nd Place ribbons in Bark Carving and Busts for my “George Proudfeather” and “Treetop Living.”  “Two Minutes for Fighting” brought home a 1st in Caricatures, 1st in Open and “Carvers’ Choice” 3rd Best in Show.  What a terrific weekend.

“Magic in Wood” Carving Show

Just returned from the carving show held in Pickering, Ontario this weekend.  For those not too familiar with Ontario, you probably have a general idea where Toronto, Ontario is located…well, Pickering is almost an extension of Toronto to the east and is about a 2 hour drive from my home in Kingston. So, let’s start by getting the ribbon news out of the way…my Hobo and Ned carving earned a 1st Place ribbon in caricatures and a 3rd Place ribbon for overall in the Open classification of carvings.  The Hound Trio earned a close 2nd Place ribbon to Hobo and Ned.  And apparently it was close…if one judge in particular had had his way, the order of ribbons would have been reversed.  Everyone seemed to get a real kick out of these carvings and I received a lot of nice compliments on each of the hounds. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now the real news about this carving show…let me tell you how impressed I was with the level of carvings in this competition.  For starters, my friend, Tony Endhover from the Brockville, Ontario area was asked to be the featured carver at this event and did he ever put on a great display.  Tony has been carving for 30 years or so and his range of talent covers everything from relief carving to caricature carving to pyrography.  Beautiful work. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Reg Lewis, my friend from Kingston, also picked up a second place ribbon in open class for his Oriole.  Almost as nice as the Oriole was the piece of fruit that he carved that the little bird had been feeding on.  That’s Reg’s Robin as well. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I mentioned that Hobo and Ned earned a 3rd Place in Open…just take a look at the carving that was awarded 1st in Open!  I wish that I could have taken a nicer photo of this owl because it was just mind numbing perfect. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another carving that caught my eye was the Retriever that was awarded 1st in Intermediates.  Just beautifully done. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I really could go on and on…here are a few additional carvings by Tom Gallagher and Joe Dampf that were not entered in the competition but were part of the display tables.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A great carving show and a terrific way to get motivated for more carvings!

Pickering Carving Show Entries

I’m looking forward to the “Magic in Wood” Pickering Carving Show next weekend.  I’ve attended this show twice now and have enjoyed it a lot each time.  Some very high quality carvings are presented both in the competition as well as in the table display areas.  And it’s quite large, easily filling and over-filling the exhibition hall.  A large number of vendors are there as well selling books, wood, chisels, knives, rotary carving bits and tools…well, just about everything that you can imagine as you think about what goes into the making of a wood carving.

Registration is Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  The show is free and open to the public from mid-morning on Saturday until about supper time on Sunday.  You can get all of the details by following the link at the side of this web-page for the Ontario Woodcarvers Association.

My two entries this year will be both in the category of caricatures:  Hobo and Ned, who have been shown at the Canadian Carving Championship held in January at the Hamilton Warplane Museum; and the Louisiana Hound Trio, which was just recently completed.  Both will be entered at the Open Level ( the levels are Novice, Intermediate and Open ) where there will sure to be some fantastic carvings joining them.

It’s so odd that I’ve been carving as long as I have been and only started going to these shows starting a couple of years ago.  If you find yourself in the same boat, don’t wait!…start going to the shows!…they are a lot of fun, you end up enjoying a weekend with people who share the same interest and you go home more motivated than ever to create something new.


Pickering Woodcarving Show

I enjoyed attending the Pickering, Ontario, “Magic in Wood” carving show this past weekend. The show appeared to have about 350 carvings in competition and many more on display.

I’ve included a few pictures of the carvings, both on display and in the competition, in the Tributesinwood Flickr Photo album link to the right of this page. I also took a few videos which I’ll post shortly.

I was very pleased that Cpl. Duncan Sowerby earned a 1st Place in Intermediates Caricatures and my two bark carvings, Castle Cottonwood and Cottonwood Mill, earned a 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Bark Carving category.

The owners of the bark carvings ( Mom and Emily ) will be getting their carvings back but should not expect to get the ribbons!




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