Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Archangel Michael

It’s time to start carving Michael into the second panel of the chalice box.  This one will be a bit more interesting as, of course, there are wings to carve!

I started, again, by using a router with a 1/4″ dado bit to carefully route completely around the outline of the carving to a depth of 5/8″.  The router that I have is variable speed and I used a very slow setting on the router and took a few passes rather than a single plunge of 5/8″ to avoid burning the wood.  From there it was just a matter of using gouges to chisel away the wood to meet the routed channel that I had created.

I then picked the two highest spots…the left hand and the nose…and made sure that all of the other features sloped away from those two spots while checking the clay model that I had done earlier.

But…I have a bit more Christmas shopping to do tomorrow so I’ll have to put Michael away for a short while.




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