Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Making the Lid

The panels of the box are about 1 1/8″ thick and the lid top is 3/4″.  Because the chalice must protrude through the top of the lid to some extent ( probably about 3/4″), I needed to cut a hole for the 5″ diameter chalice top.  I made the hole slightly larger so that there wouldn’t be any interference when the lid was being opened.

I wanted a perfect circle so I made a plexiglas base for the dremel plunge router that would allow me to swing the router around a nail hole in the end of the plexiglas.  Sort of a compass with a router bit on the end.  I cut nearly all the way through the board and then turned it over, found the centre again and set the router compass up to cut through the other side.  This ensured a nice crisp cutting line on both sides of the board without any chipping.


I also used the router to cut a stylized cross into the top of the lid with the little three lobed designs on the end of each branch similar to what I did with each of the panels.  Once I cut out the centre circle, I cut the lid in two on the bandsaw.  After a bit of decorative routing on the edges, here’s what it’s looking like.  Tomorrow, I’ll fit some hinges and then I should be able to start putting a finish on the wood.





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2 thoughts on “Making the Lid

  1. dennis stallings on said:

    Looks great ~~~


  2. Thanks Dennis. I’ll soon be on to applying a finish.


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