Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Ready For Finishing

Here’s the glued-up version of the chalice box with the hinges attached on the lid.  I made really good use of the dremel tool and plunge router attachment to add a lot of “embellishment” including a nice corner rounding on each vertical corner that you might not be able to see in these particular photos.

Next step is to apply a finish.  I’ll add a link to the side panel of the site so that you can get to Fred Zavadil’s website easily.  Fred does outstanding work and has experimented with basswood finishes to the point that he has a specific method of producing what I’ll call an antiqued look to his creations.  I’m going to follow his general method this weekend on this chalice box.


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2 thoughts on “Ready For Finishing

  1. Wow it’s beautiful Mark, an exceptional piece,it’s going to look stunning when it’s finished.


  2. Thanks Lynne. I’m looking forward to getting a finish on this project. I’ll be doing this in a neighbour’s heated garage tomorrow because today is just too cold to be heating a garage (about -20C )!


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