Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Don’t Let it Tip

As I’ve thought about how I’d go about building the base for the window washer, the thing uppermost in my mind has been how do I ensure that this thing won’t tip over or, at least, be easy to tip over.

A quick trip down to the local lumber mill and a search through their rack of short stock solved the problem.  I brought home a nice thick piece of hickory for the base.  Now, hickory has a number of things going for it…it’s hard, which doesn’t matter all that much to me;  it has a nice grain, which matters as I’m planning on a stain and urethane finish for the base; and, it’s heavy!…which really matters to me.   I don’t think that tipping is going to be a huge problem anymore.

With the bandsaw, I cut a square edge on the exterior side of the base and slightly curved the interior wall side.  With a router, I put a nice edge on the top and bottom of the base and then, again on the bandsaw, cut out a recess where the wall base will eventually be glued in place.

You can see from the pictures that I added a little bit of window framing at the top of the window.  I was actually watching a program on television where there happened to be old apartment buildings in the background and I saw this particular window treatment and liked it.

So, you can click on the pictures below to see how things are looking…





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One thought on “Don’t Let it Tip

  1. Dennis Stallings on said:

    Excellent~~~I’m loving it ~~~


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