Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

More Dogs and Accessories

I’ve added in a few items since my last blog entry.  The first is an old-style hot water radiator.  I thought that might look good perched under the window and add to the 1930’s style that I’m looking to create.  The second item involves more dogs…

I thought that it would be nice to have several dogs with their heads tilted up and to the side watching the antics of the window-washer.  We had a little West Highland Terrier, or Westie, in the past ( named Angus MacGregor ) and I thought that he’d make a nice addition to the scene.

They’re a pretty boxy little dog, so it was fairly straight forward in cutting a shape out on the bandsaw and then roughing it in with a Typhoon bit on a Foredom handpiece.   I used the same method from the last dog by cutting along the neckline and then making and gluing in place a wedge of basswood that tilted the head up and to the side.

Most of the detailing was done with the same small gouge that I used to make the coat of the previous dog, however, I made a few passes with a small v-tool and later with a burning tool as well to create some very fine lines that would make the coat look a bit more wirey…similar to a Westie’s coat.  Westies are white unless you bathe them in tomato juice to remove the scent of a skunk ( a memorable episode with Angus ).


You know, this little dog ended up looking so nice that I thought the last dog looked poor in comparison.  It seemed to me that the head was just too small for a caricature…so, off it came and I glued on another block of wood and started again.  And, then, just to add to the scene, I created a very small chihuahua.  I think that rounds things out for now.





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4 thoughts on “More Dogs and Accessories

  1. Terry Johnson on said:

    Great job as usual.


  2. Great Job with the carving and the blog. Thanks for sharing your carving concepts, techniques and stories.


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