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Emily’s Artwork

My dear daughter’s at it again with water colours…


My Wonderful Daughter

Emily sent me a couple of photos of her fun night out with friends.  You’ve probably heard of “paint night” activities…where you join a group for a night of painting a particular scene led by a local artist.

Well, Emily went to such a get together last night and came up with this acrylic masterpiece!   She had just a great time and tells me that this group has a Facebook page at paintniteHamilton if you’re interested in seeing other nights that they’ve sponsored.

A Busy Summer

Well, this has been a busy and productive summer and it looks like the fall will be at least as busy.  Right now I have most of the carpets removed from the first floor of our home and will be getting the sub-floors ready for installing some hardwood in a few weeks.  Following that, I have a fence that I really need to fix up a bit before winter…and that’ll be a bit of a big project as well.  I do have the Magic in Wood Show and Competition coming up in mid-October to look forward to, but I don’t think that I’ll get much major carving in prior to that…other than the roughing-out of the little Bassets that I’ll use for leading the Learn by Doing portion of the show.

Although I haven’t moved too far along on my artistic duties this summer, my talented daughter, Emily, sure has.  She decided to try her hand at water colours and has struck another great talent.  Take a look at the paintings she’s produced.  Quite a gal.



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