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A Little More Detailing

This little hard-working fellow is getting a bit more detail in clay.  I’ve added some facial features, a couple of rolled up cuffs on his open, outer shirt, and some clothes wrinkles here and there to show some stretching going on under that load that he’s going to be carrying.

A little bit more detail and I’ll be ready to start roughing in the wood carving.  This clay sculpting is really helping me visualize what the wood carving will look like and will give me a bit more confidence that I’m removing the “right” pieces of wood once the knives and chisels come out.





A Fine Time for Hockey

I know that my timing isn’t the greatest with the Stanley Cup just wrapped up and the summer temperatures finally here…but I’m going to finally finish my carving of the penalty-serving hockey player that I started some time ago.

I’ve taken a few days off of carving as I was visiting my Mom in Niagara Falls these past few days and did a “bit” of gardening around her house.  So, I’m back at carving, well sculpting, and resting my sore muscles a bit.

Right now I’m sculpting where I’ll want the wrinkles in the jersey along the back shoulders and will return to the front shoulder pads this weekend.   Still needs work but when I get that done…it’s on to carving!

The Gloves are On!

Here’s my progress on the clay sculpture step of creating my Hockey Player carving.

You’ll recall that this carving of the happily beaten up hockey player will be called “Two Minutes for Fighting” and will feature our hero spending that time in the penalty box.  The clay torso and penalty box boards were a result of a not-so-very-successful job at trying to carve his posture just using the two dimensional drawing that I sketched up.  This three dimensional clay sculpture is really helping me bring this little guy to life.

At this point, I’ve included both gloves and have started on some wrinkles on this arm and around his shoulder pads.  It’s kind of time consuming and I’m not sure that I’d want to do the clay work for every carving that I take on…but, in this case, the extra work is fun and useful.

That’s a coffee stir stick in his hands for now…to be replaced with a hockey stick!


More Clay for the Hockey Player

I actually spent most of the day cleaning up the shop.  I’m finally planning on finishing my shop and turning it into an actual room rather than a corner of the basement.  I figure that the first step is getting rid of some of the things that I’ve been storing for years.  Now, mind you, these are precious treasures that I’ve been storing with the knowledge that someday I’ll need that very part.  Now that I’ve bitten the bullet and got rid of some of this stuff, you know that I’m going to need it.  I’ll keep you posted on my workshop progress.

I did take an hour or so to play in clay.  The shape of the hockey player’s arms and shoulders are coming out just right.  I want to add some wrinkles to his jersey.  Today I worked on one of his padded gloves.  See what you think…There’s still some shaping to do but I’m liking this idea of sculpting the carving with clay first.


Some Fun with Clay

This is a bit new for me.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was having some difficulty in carving the body of the hockey player figure that I had in mind.  If you recall, this tough guy just wrapped up a bit of an on-ice altercation and now finds himself in the penalty box for two minutes…and enjoying every second of it.

The head and helmet carving went well, but I just couldn’t get the arms-over-the-boards stance to look right to me…and, with carving, a mistake is a bit unforgiving once the wood has been cut away!  Anyways, with 10 lbs of clay and a few clay-working tools now in my possession ( thanks, Peggy ), I started the shaping of the body this morning with the intent of using the finished clay figure as a 3-dimensional model for the carving.


First step was to take my front and side view drawings that I had made and transfer them to the block of clay.  I’m not entirely sure if this is the right way to work clay, but it was similar to blocking wood out on a bandsaw…so I went with it.  I actually did the initial shaping against the drawing lines with a piece of wire and sort of “sawed” through the clay.  Then I used one of the tools ( which is basically a heavy loop of wire on the end of a stick ) to start removing some of the squareness of the clay cube.


At about this point, I dropped the whole darn thing on the cement floor and completely flattened out one side!  Ha!  A bit more shaping got things looking normal again.  Then, I started digging in with the tool to produce the arms, gloves and a hole to accept the head and helmet that I had already carved.



I’ve just started to add some of the detail, but really am just still getting the right shape down.  This weekend, I’ll add wrinkles and what-not and then let it dry into a model for my carving.  Let me tell you, this is a lot of fun.


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