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Chief Dan Turtle Rock

And, here’s my third carving finished in 2012…Chief Dan Turtle Rock.

The Chief is wearing his favourite deer skin and is proudly holding his favourite pipe.

I’ve enjoyed carving all of my caricatures this year, but I think that Chief Dan might be my favourite.  I like the proud look on his face and all of the bead work was a lot of fun to carve and paint.

I’m still just setting up this web-page and I’ll soon get some other photos of these carvings loaded up for you to see.

Chief Dan Turtle Rock



This is Zeke…my second carving, and, as he turned out, a bank robber.

As he came together earlier this year there was some hope that he may become a sheriff protecting the loot, but his looks just didn’t lend themself to the good-guy kind.

So, off he goes with the Wells Fargo sacks of cash.

Chico and Poncho

Well, here’s my first post of my first caricature carvings.  They’ve all been carved this year and I’ve had the chance to show them at the Pickering and Ottawa carving shows where they were able to pick up a few ribbons.

I’ve actually been whittling for many years, but I only began caricature carving and attending my first carving competitions this year .  Both a lot of fun…wish I had started sooner.

I got interested in the caricatures when I saw a number of outstanding carving photos on the web and when my daughter bought me a new carving knife this time last year.

This is the first carving following the new knife and inspiration…Chico and Poncho.

You’ll notice right off that Chico is the brains and Poncho’s the muscle.  Together they’re a scary duo…just be sure to stay clear of that bone.

Poncho and Chico

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