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A Pair of Reading Glasses

This is my first attempt at making some wire frame glasses to go along with a wood carving.  I started by making a round loop in some copper wire by wrapping some soft copper wire around a dowel of suitable diameter.  I then used a very fine saw that I have to “miter” cut the excess wire so that I’d end up with a fine and tapered joint to solder against.  I left enough excess wire to fashion the arms of the glasses.

That excess wire was then bent back at 90 degrees to begin to form the arm of the glasses.  A second loop/arm arrangement was made for the other lens and arm of the glasses.  Notice how the solder was filed down to give some shape to the section of the glasses where the lens frame meets the arm.

Lastly, a nose section was made and used to solder the two lens frames and arm “assemblies” together.

With a little bit of filing and smoothing, some “worn penny” acrylic paint followed by a coat of urethane…and we have a pretty presentable set of reading glasses.

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