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Pickering Woodcarving Show

I enjoyed attending the Pickering, Ontario, “Magic in Wood” carving show this past weekend. The show appeared to have about 350 carvings in competition and many more on display.

I’ve included a few pictures of the carvings, both on display and in the competition, in the Tributesinwood Flickr Photo album link to the right of this page. I also took a few videos which I’ll post shortly.

I was very pleased that Cpl. Duncan Sowerby earned a 1st Place in Intermediates Caricatures and my two bark carvings, Castle Cottonwood and Cottonwood Mill, earned a 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Bark Carving category.

The owners of the bark carvings ( Mom and Emily ) will be getting their carvings back but should not expect to get the ribbons!




The Cottonwood Mill

I think that I’ve pretty much finished up my Cottonwood Mill.

A couple of posts ago, I placed a photo that will give you some sense of the amount of white bark that was on this particular bark sample.  Although I didn’t originally intend it this way, I decided along the way to keep the white as it looked to me like a water-fall.  So, I ended up cutting “rocks” and “timbers” around it to show why the waterfall was cascading in the way that it was…and, it turned out pretty well.

I still may do a couple of additional things, like a final coat of wax and, maybe, a couple of small dingbats doing some work around the Mill.


Whimsical Mill Bark Carving

My “whimsical cottage” looks like it became a dwelling above a mill of some sort.  I’ll have to think a bit about just what the water wheel is turning.  I’m definitely going to be getting some more bark…this is a lot of fun.

I need to cut out the windows and hollow out the back a bit so it looks like you’re looking into rooms.  Also need to burn the top of the chimney to make it look like it has been used by the home-owner whenever he isn’t in the mill making that whimsical what-ever.



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