Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Wood Carving Illustrated

If you’re interested in carving, you’ll want to visit

I recently registered and posted a photo of “Zeke” on their forum, and through that was introduced very quickly to a number of outstanding carvers…and, clearly, outstanding people given the nice welcome they gave me.

The web site is set up very well and there’s a wealth of information and photos to access.  I’ll start putting a number of links on this page so that you can get at some of the blogs and web sites that other carvers have created.  You’ll be impressed…and motivated to either start or do more carving.  I know that my head is full again with ideas of things I’d like to carve.

In other news…the carving portion of my bark carving is completed.  Basically, I’ve hollowed out the windows since the last photo that I posted.  I’ll get to putting some urethane on it over the next few days and it’ll be ready to hang on the wall.

It’s already made quite a hit in the family and I’m sensing in conversation that the dear women in my life are quietly putting in their “purchase orders”.  I can tell that this bark thing is going to be competing for caricature carving time…I’m glad that I got to finish the Corporal!


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