Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

The Cottonwood Mill

I think that I’ve pretty much finished up my Cottonwood Mill.

A couple of posts ago, I placed a photo that will give you some sense of the amount of white bark that was on this particular bark sample.  Although I didn’t originally intend it this way, I decided along the way to keep the white as it looked to me like a water-fall.  So, I ended up cutting “rocks” and “timbers” around it to show why the waterfall was cascading in the way that it was…and, it turned out pretty well.

I still may do a couple of additional things, like a final coat of wax and, maybe, a couple of small dingbats doing some work around the Mill.



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2 thoughts on “The Cottonwood Mill

  1. Kent Wilkins (Slowmover) on said:

    Excellent works on this blog…you have a really great talent and your carvings are superb. I like the detail and the action in all of your caricatures. Great job.


  2. Thank you, Kent. Please keep visiting and I’ll continue to touch base with you on Wood Carvers Illustrated. Mark.


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