Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Next Stop…Painting

Well, I think that the carving portion of Fergus looking out from the dock is wrapped up.  I had originally intended to add a bit of a rope coil to the dock, but I’m liking the way he looks without the extra accessory as it keeps the focus on the dog carving.

The base is oak and will be stained and get a few coats of urethane.  I carved the dock so that it is perched up on the piers and creates a space between the dock and the oak base.  I also cut and shaped it in an irregular pattern around the piers…I like the way that it turned out.

The tail is made from copper wire, twisted together and soldered and finally coated with epoxy. Making something like a tail out of wood is just asking for trouble…the wire and epoxy combination will have it last forever.

Take a look at the completed version and pass along your thoughts.  There’s still some room for modifications before the painting begins.  There are a few more pictures of Fergus on the Flickr Site that you can get to through the link at the side of this page




By the way, Grandma has enjoyed knitting alongside of Fergus’ progress…but, not as much as she enjoys getting her photo taken!



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One thought on “Next Stop…Painting

  1. Grandma! You made the blog!

    Fergus looks adorable!


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