Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Painting Underway

Fergus received some colour this weekend as did the two piers holding up his observation dock.

The painting is done with acrylic paints.  I put on several washes, or light coats of colour so that Fergus’ coat didn’t look too uniform with hard lines where the colouring would have stopped and started.

I also like the way that the piers turned out.  Again, several acrylic washes followed by some dry-brush highlighting.  I hope that you can see the water line on the piers…I thought that would be a nice touch.

All of the acrylics get a coat of urethane to seal and deepen the colours.

I’m enjoying this carving and will be sad when it’s finished.




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2 thoughts on “Painting Underway

  1. Awesome as usual! It reminds me of my faithful beagle,she has some of the ear length that this basset has. I swear pulling/petting those ears is as close to meditation as I’ve ever come. This carving makes me happy….


  2. Thanks Tohner. A fun carving to do. I can understand your point, just carving those big years puts a smile on my face. Mark.


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