Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Let ( at least one ) Sleepy Dog Lie

Ok, it’s not quite the expression we’re used to hearing, but it’s close. The little sleepy hound got its first pass at some added colour last night.  Still a bit more to add, however, this little hound’s colour pattern is a bit more open than her two buddies.  I want to add a bit more darkness to her face and of course some mournful eyes and a dark nose.  The colour is built up with several washes of asphaltum and chocolate brown…a little heavier on the asphaltum than the chocolate. This project is coming to a close and I’ll be sorry to finish it up as I’ve enjoyed this little creation. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s a late addition with the eyes painted…now I’m really liking this carving…



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8 thoughts on “Let ( at least one ) Sleepy Dog Lie

  1. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Haha that just about sums Rain up! Looks great!


  2. Absolutely spot on! Fantastic detail! Awesome.


  3. Yolanda Dillon Lyons on said:

    I keep thinking that, no, it just can’t get any better … and then you post another picture and, yes, it does get even better. I have enjoyed almost a voyeuristic thrill from watching this art take shape, but I am almost sad that it is nearing completion. It has been a remarkable journey watching this develop, and it’s even better than what I ever imagined (and I have very high expectations!). It’s just so lifelike, and it’s perfect.


    • Thanks Yolanda. I’m always a little sad to see a project end, too. But, I have a couple of other ideas to pursue this Fall so I’m looking forward to starting into them. I always learn something new with a project and can’t wait to apply it…and stretch it a bit, on the next project. Thanks for your nice comment. Mark.


  4. Whan Linda Kathleen on said:

    Wow!!! Absolutely stunning. They just keep getting better.


  5. Thanks Linda. I’ll be sure to also bring this one in to work to show everyone. Mark.


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