Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Base Readied for Staining

Is there anything quite like working with wood?

My earliest memories and just about all of the memories that I have of growing up with my Dad had something to do with working with wood in some fashion or another.  I can remember as far back as the first job I was given was to blow the sawdust off of the pencil cut line while he used the handsaw.  It seemed that there was always something made of wood that either needed to be created or fixed.

He’d get a real kick out of my latest carving of the Three Hounds and would even have appreciated the way that the base for the carving is coming along.

I’ve done some sanding and used the router to put a nice edge on the base.  This weekend, I’ll finish it with a medium stain and a few coats of urethane to give it a nice shine.



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2 thoughts on “Base Readied for Staining

  1. Yes…. Wood…sawdust…work…. =good

    Some of the earliest childhood memories I have are as a child helping my dad cut firewood to this day the smell of a chainsaw and oil brings back so many memories. I look back at it now and I realize how my father at the time probably wished he was doing well enough financially to let electricity to do the heating. But those trips in the woods ended up shaping me not only as a woodworker but as a man and a father. Wood it has so much to teach….I am still learning….


  2. You said it a lot better than I did. Mark.


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