Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Country Hound

Here’s the start to a fun project, once again featuring the very caricature-carving-worthy Basset Hound.

This little hound will have a particular country flavour headlined by a singing/howling Basset Hound, of course, fully equipped with a straw hat, denim overalls, rocking chair, spittoon and banjo.  All of those parts and pieces are going to be a lot of fun to come up with.

I’ve started with a drawing and will soon cut out the basswood blank to begin the hound carving.  I’m thinking that the rocking chair will be oak and stained randomly to look weathered and well used.  The banjo is going to be an absolute ball…I can picture some metal shiny parts to really show it off.

If anyone has any ideas that I could add to this concept…please chime in.



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4 thoughts on “Country Hound

  1. It’s just so perfect the way it is,like everything else you do Mark


  2. Thanks Lynne. This will be a very unique piece! Hope you enjoy seeing the progress. Mark.


  3. This is gonna be one awesome project! Cant wait to see how it progresses, love your hounds….your style captures their love of life so well. I cant get over the hound on your hobo railcar…it is truly wonderful work.


    • Thanks Leonard. I’m looking forward to working on this project. I can’t get that banjo out of my head…everything that I come across in my day looks like a potential banjo part to me now. Mark.


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