Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Country Hound Cut-Out

Here are a couple of photos of the first steps in this project.

The basswood block has the shape of the front and side view of the hound.  The first cut was a vertical line just alongside of the front view of the hound in order to square the block of wood up a bit so that I would waste less wood…remember, I have some fun accessories to go with this hound and that extra wood will come in handy.

The second series of cuts were along the contour of the side view.  Once this was done, I very lightly glued back the end pieces that I had just sawed away and that were on the top and bottom of the side view.  This allowed me to rest the back of the hound squarely on the table so that I could cut along the front contour.  If I hadn’t done this, the hound’s back would have been insecure and “wobbly”…which is something that you don’t want when using a bandsaw…or, any saw, for that matter.

Of course, I had cut away the pencil marks for the front when I was doing that initial side contour cutting, so, I drew that front view profile back on and went back to the bandsaw for the final cuts.

If you have a good imagination, you can picture that little Country Hound holding that banjo and howling away to his heart’s delight.




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